Interesting facts about the Children’s Village

A development which speaks for itself; from bush land to a children’s home.

In 1999, when the women of the Tikondane Women’s Club purchased the 20 hectares of land, there was not a building to be seen and the fields were unable to be planted. Clearing work had to be carried out so that the women could plant at least one field with corn.

Today the institution is able to offer a replacement familiy to 21 children and 3 students and run the village with tree employees. In terms of arable farming, they now regulary farm approx. 6 hectares and plant a large vegetable garden.

Thanks to their own resources they generated as well as aid from donations, the orphan project is being suitably and continuously develeped.

The current infrastructure consists of

  • A large apartement building for the children (max. space for 24 children)
  • Two buildings for the employees
  • A building which serves a kitchen as a dining room and multi-purpose room
  • Toilet and wash building
  • A shelter for the corn mills
  • A water tank and a pump which must be operated manually
  • Land and field extenting across approx. 6 hectares
  • A large vegetable garden

Since August 2003 Tikondane Orphanage Centre is connected with electric Power

Ortsplan Tikondane