Zambia in southern Africa is the home of Tikondane Orphanage Centre


Tikondane Orphanage Centre has an interesting history. The founding of the centre dates back to the year 1990. At the time, the people of Zambia received initial aid from husband and wife Elsbeth and Jürg Noti from Switzerland. Tikondane was originally a farmer’s cooperative of young , Zambian women and men. They wanted to improve their living conditions with common activities and the cultivation of fields which belonged to all members. The cooperation experienced various difficulties and collapsed in 1996

In 1997, the women of the former cooperative founded4920_zambia-1

an association called “Tikondane Women’s Club” and declared
with the aim of the association that they predominantly wanted to devote themselves to Aids orphans from the nearby Kisito and Mpima.

On 17th November 1999, the Women’s Club was able to purchose 20 hectares of land in the Mpima Dairy Scheem Farm with the financial aid from Swiss Zambian Friendship. The association gradually built a small village on this land, with the aim of accomodating aids orphans and giving these children a new home and future there.

On 2nd August 2007 the Tikondane Women’s Club received the licence to operate the Tikondane Orphanage Centre from the governement. 14 orphans currently live in the Orphanage Centre and are cared for full time by three women.

An extension of the existing village is being appropriately developed. The aim is to expand the infrastructure in such a way that would allow the children within the organisation to be supervised into their teenage years with a suitable education.