Long-term and sustainable for all concerned

Tikondane Women’s Club has generally been pursuing the following idea on a conceptual level since its founding and more specifically since the realisation of the Tikondane Orphanage Centre:

  1. The criteria for acceptance into the Children’s Village are the age and status of the children. When entering they should be between two and ten years old and be orphans. In exeptional case, children with one parent may also be accepted. The children have few to no relatives.
  2. The home strivers to create a family.like structure and the children attend the local primary school.
  3. In another step for the future, a new home is being constructed in the city of Kabwe, primarily for children who manage to reach secondary school.
  4. After successfully completing secondary school, a shared apartment for young orphans who want to undergo training or participate in studies is founded. The now educated young adults are well prepared for their independent lives in the world of adulthood.

This procedure allows the next stage to always be established with sufficient time resources. This development also allows the number of clients to increase sensibly and in a suitable timeframe. Furthermore, this cautions procedure also allows any errors in the development and course of the project to be corrected within a reasonable period of time.